Kingscliff Bridge

These nets have been designed for Tweed Shire Council for the building of the new bridge at Kingscliff, NSW. The nets are Certified Fall Arrest Safety Nets and were manufactured to EN Standard 1263:1. The net mesh size was 60mm x 60mm x 5mm UV treated polypropylene and attached with the use 10mm SC/GZ wire cables, deadends (heliforms), M20 turnbuckles and 10mm S/S snap hooks.

kingscliffe-bridge kingscliffe-bridge1 kingscliffe-bridge2 kingscliffe-bridge3

Melbourne Safety in Action Show 2012

Here we are at the Melbourne Safety in Action Show with our Stand E30.  What a great few days this was and plenty of feedback regarding the various safety applications for the construction industry with regard to netting.

If you have thought about erecting safety nets on your construction, marine or mining site and are in Melbourne this week (17-19) – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, pop in and speak to our dedicated team about the benefits of our safety nets.

Our net suppliers from Tecnologia Deportiva in Spain are accompanying us on our stand.

Central Queensland Mining Site

We have recently been involved with the consultation and installation of a very large safety net in one of Central Queensland’s mine sites.  The fall arrest safety net was approximately 20m x 14m and we made this with a debris net overlay.  The installation of the net on the steel structure was made possible with a crane hoisting the net up and over the steel structure.   David Sullivan consulted on this project and in conjunction with a team of riggers and the crane installed the safety net.


Tying red debris net to safety net

May 2014 Training Day

Safety Net training QueenslandAnother great fall arrest competent installation training day with workers from New South Wales, Queensland and Auckland.  New Zealand are on board with their new legislation compulsory for all residential home to be fitted with fall arrest safety nets.

As we speak, Australia and New Zealand are forming a Safety Net Association which will be operating in the next few months.  This will be a great benefit to the building industry.  Safety nets are also recognized in Australia now and we will probably see that this will be compulsory in the coming months.  NSW Sugar Refinery are now using the fall arrest nets and two of their rigging staff and one safety officer attended this training day.Working Platform net, walk on platform net, safety net

To view more photos of our May training day click here








Sydney Opera House

This project was completed in August 2013 for John Holland Group.Opera House SafetyOpera House
The safety nets were manufactured at our warehouse  for the TTB Shaft on the VAPS project at the Opera House with David present at installation.

The certified safety net was a 60mm x 60mm x 5mm UV treated knotless polypropylene mesh with a red debris mesh overlay.


Randwick Racecourse Sydney

Our Work Platform Safety nets were used while the construction of the new Grandstand Roof was being undertaken at Randwick Racecourse, Sydney.  These nets provided a very safe and stable working platform at height with the ability to be tied around beams and support structures effectively.  Because walk on platform nets are a second restraint they need to be worked in conjunction with a safety harness.  Walk on platform safety nets are an increased safety margin at height, are a cost effective suspension solution and are easily transportable and installed.
Walk on Platform safety net used at Randwick Racecourse WP Net Randwick RacecourseGreen Walk on Platform Net




World Square, Sydney

Problems with Glass Awnings being broken?  We’ve got it covered.World Square Safety

View the safety nets we have installed over the glass awnings to stop bottles being thrown onto the glass and breaking them.

Safety not only for the glass but to protect the children and workers at the Creche underneath.World Square Sydney Childcare



An Investment in Safety

This was a job we recently completed for McBryde Corporation at the BMA-Goonyella/Riverside Mine showing our safety net in action on one of the coal mine conveyor belts.

McBryde’s investment in our fall arrest safety nets have proven to be a success as you will see in the pictures below.

Debris falling into safety net

Investment in Safety

Taiyo Membrane Corporation

26 Jun 2012Singapore 2

Our work platform safety nets have been installed by a global company Taiyo Birdair Asia in Singapore, these nets will be used to access the structure, in conjunction with static lines while workmen  are installing waterproof membrane.

Work platform safety nets are a new approach to accessing difficult work locations such as below deck structures as are often found around bridges, piers, wharves and oil platforms. Work platform safety nets provide stable work areas for workers needing to carry out all tasks. [Read more…]

Mining Conveyor Belts

31 May 2012Workers below conveyor safety net

Over the last few weeks we have been manufacturing conveyor belt nets for McBryde Corporation Pty Ltd to ensure safety is paramount for workers in the coal mine.

Our conveyor belt safety nets have been installed along the conveyor belt to stop any coal from falling.

Ensuring workers' safety

Here you will see our 60mm x 60mm green fall arrest conveyor safety nets installed underneath the conveyor belt and secured to the steel structures via tie ropes, spliced and
fitted with D Shackles for easy installation. [Read more…]