Onsite Training, New Zealand

On committing ourselves to manufacture safety nets for the New Zealand market, we held an on-site training day for one of our customers in the building industry.   Here workers were learning how to install the safety nets onto the housing frames to provide safety for roofing contractors working at height.

The safety net industry is only new to the New Zealand market and we here at Fall Arrest Safety Nets want to ensure that installation of our nets conform with industry standards.

NZ Housing Safety Net NZ Safety Net installed NZ Training

Installation Training Day

18 July 2012Falling into Safety Net

Behind the scenes at the Fall Arrest Safety Net training day.

Here on our safety net courses, students learn all the ins and outs of installing safety nets.

Some examples are –
– Catch falling debris on construction sites
– Under mining conveyer belts
– Fan nets for catching debris
– Pallet Rack Netting to prevent falling boxes
– Prevention of workers from falling

We run training courses throughout the year at our site in Queensland and we also can accommodate companies by running training days on project sites.

Training Day on Safety Nets

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