Debris Net

Where there is CONSTRUCTION there is DEBRIS

These nets have been developed to avoid the falling of pieces of debris, are durable and reusable and are made from high tenacity polypropylene.  Debris nets can be various mesh sizes (from 20mm to 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and 100mm) and strengths to meet your requirements.  Adding debris liners provides a much superior strength which assists in the containment of heavy debris (e.g. concrete).  Our nets are manufactured with protection against UV rays.

Usage of Debris netting :    Safety Net with Debris overlay

• Worker Safety

• Debris Protection

• Demolition Control

• Falling Debris

Debris Net


As you can see from the photo the red debris mesh
is 10mm and is therefore a good overlay for the
safety netting when working at height as these
nets catch any small pieces of debris.


Safety Net at BP Refinery



Here you can see the red debris net in action
sewn over the safety net to ensure workers
below the pipes can work in a safe


Debris nets can be attached vertically or horizontally and have different ways of attaching to a structure.  This system is great for edge protection.
Safety Net with debris overlay edge protectionEdge protection safety netHorizontal edge protection