Design and Manufacturing

VERSATILE * PRACTICAL * RELIABLEManufacturing safety nets

Fall Arrest Safety Nets is a company that focuses on meeting client needs through the design and manufacture of fall arrest safety net systems that address real life project needs and constraints.  We believe that design is the process that links creativity and innovation and this concept is the basis for shaping customer ideas into practical and attractive propositions and solutions.

Design can also help cut production costs. Careful design of the manufacturing process for instance, can bring substantial savings to customers.  It can also make processes and the use of materials more efficient and environmentally friendly, helping Fall Arrest Safety Net’s customers to comply with sustainability regulations and legislation.

Fall Arrest Safety Nets manufactures its line of fall arrest Sewing Safety Netsand work platform products at its warehouse.  Investment in the very latest imported industrial forming and testing technology enhances the manufacturing process.  Manufacturing staff are highly trained in the use of the computerized manufacturing equipment ensuring consistently high quality product are dispatched to our customers.

All materials used in the manufacturing process of our safety products meet the specifications outlined by European Standards EN 1263-1:2002 for the manufacture of safety products.

Fall Arrest Safety Nets has designed and manufactured Fall Arrest Safety Net systems for a number of major government and industry clients around Australia and overseas.