Safety Nets

Falls are the single leading cause of accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace environment

Why use a Safety Net ?Safe working at Height
  • to catch people (fall arrest)
  • a safety system for working at heights
  • a safety product that meets particular standards

We make durable, dependable safety polypropylene netting in any size or shape to suit various projects where safety is paramount.
Our safety nets have been manufactured for civil and commercial projects, the mining sector, protective applications such as cyclone tie down safety netting, cargo netting and lifting netting.  Whether you are building houses, high rises, bridges or the like, our line of “knotless nets,” manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene, represents a new concept in netting and has been made possible by the application of the highest technologies applied to the manufacture of safety nets.

Our products comply with all the requisites demanded by the building industry, since they offer maximum levels of quality.  Our safety nets are made to precise specifications,  priced competitively and delivered when you want them.

Our Range of Safety Nets are as follows:
System S – Horizontal        System V – Vertical    System WP – Platform   Edge  – Fan Nets
Fall arrest catch netVertical safety net for doorwaysWalk on Platform Net     Fan Safety Net for catching debris and people



Advantages of Polypropylene Safety Nets
Safety Nets for working at heights–  100% recyclable
–  100% inert (does not produce bacteria)
–  100% non-allergenic
–  Not digestible by any insect (e.g. Moths)
–  Does not accumulate static electricity
–  High Resistance to abrasion
–  High protection against ultra-violet rays
–  Maintains high tenacity in acid or alkaline environment
–  Greater ease of mounting
–  Very resistant to dirt, as it is a non-absorbent fibre
Safety Nets must meet certain standards relating to:
Fall Arrest Safety Net EN.1263:1

  • Net Meshes
  • Border Ropes
  • Identification Labels
  • Serial Numbers
  • UV Test Meshes


Some of the benefits of our Safety Nets:Mining conveyor net
*  Meet OHS ACTs and Regulations in Australia
*  Installed by competent and trained personnel
*  A practicable solution when working at heights
*  Workers can complete their tasks safely
*  Effective as physical barriers at midpoints of falls
*  Provides flexibility for workers to move around freely
*  Net inspection check point system after installation