Cargo Rope Nets

We can custom make your cargo net to your specific cargo needs.   Whether your lifting materials, tying them down, climbing, we can assist with the right cargo net for the job.

Cargo Rope Net

Our cargo rope nets are handmade to your specifications and we can fabricate a cargo net to fit any structure or designed framework.  We have constructed cargo rope nets for a wide variety of applications including, obstacle courses, scramble net for use on a barge if persons fall into the water and need to climb out, climbing nets, water parks.  The rope nets are durable and tough  but are also soft on the hands and won’t stretch over the years. Making rope cargo net

Safety Lifting nets



We can supply heavy duty rope cargo nets for various industrial and commercial applications including load or equipment containment and helicopter lift nets.

Load rating can be supplied on the breaking strains of our ropes.


An easy way to lift building material and other items is to spread the net out on the ground, load the items on top and then hook the rope edge into the suspension frame.

Safety Lifting Net with goods

Safety Lifting Containment NetLifting safety containment net