Installation of WP Nets

Safety nets should only be installed by trained personnel

System WP – Work Platform Nets is a specialized service offered by Fall Arrest Safety Nets and are a brilliant height safety solution. These nets are an innovative access system which can be quickly erected and dismantled in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large and bulky scaffolding systems. The supply and installation of Working Platform safety nets benefit the client commercially, economically and financially.

These nets are:
Blue tick 25Cost effective compared to scaffolding systems

Blue tick 25Reduced personnel due to rapid installation

Blue tick 25Highly portable with storage and transport

Fall Arrest Safety Net’s work platform nets are a new approach to accessing difficult work locations such as below deck structures as are often found around bridges, piers, wharves and oil platforms. Work platform nets provide stable work areas for workers needing to carry out all tasks.  The WP safety system provides a safe system for worker access which  is tensioned between anchor points to provide a stable work platform suitable for a wide variety of applications.   The nets are tough and highly durable, easy to store and transport. The working platform net has major benefits in locations where space and transportation considerations are critical.

The benefits of work platform nets are:

  • Increased safety margin at height
  • Easily transportable
  • Viable alternative to costly scaffolding
  • Minimal storage and transport requirements
  • Cost effective suspension solution
  • Lightweight and suitable for wind load situations
  • Can be manufactured for virtually all situations
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Suitable as work positioning or walk-on platform
  • Debris and object containment

Work Platform nets are regarded as a reliable fall prevention working platform where personnel can work with confidence.
Work Platforms are only a second restraint
They need to be worked in conjunction with a safety harness static line

Work Platform Nets can also be installed as a heavy duty containment system enabling protection to elements below from heavy dropped objects.  The containment system may be installed to capture minute particles increasing up to large and heavy debris.  This system is used extensively underneath conveyor belts where large or small objects become dislodged from the conveyor belt.  Extremely strong yet lightweight and transportable, WP safety nets provide direct, unhindered and stable support for multiple personnel and their equipment.
WP safety nets should only be installed and used by competent persons