System S Safety Nets

A Safety Net for Horizontal UseSafety Net Horizontal

General Characteristics:
*  Safety Net EN 1263-1
*  30kN border rope
*  High tenacity polypropylene
*  Mesh: 100mm x 100mm and 60mm x 60mm
*  Minimum break 2.3kJ (ISO 1806)

Principal Components:                   10mm x 5mm Safety Net                                                        60mm x 5mm Safety Net
Safety Net –

Mesh with dimensions 100m x 100mm and 60mm x 60mm
Mesh thickness: 5mm
Manufactured in high tenacity polypropylene
Rope/trial mesh: Lodged in the safety net to determine the deterioration due to aging

Borde14mm Border Roper Rope –
Passed through the exterior meshes of the net and tested in accordance with the requisites indicated in EN 1263-1 standard
Minimum breaking load 30kN

Auxillary Components:     Tie Rope 18mm Flat Braid Polyester
Tying Rope –
Attach the net to the structure of the work
Minimum breaking load 30kN or 15kN (double strand)

8mm Lacing RopeJoining or Lacing Rope –
Joining together of nets
Approximate diameter 8mm
Minimum breaking load 7.5kN

Other components –
Karabiners minimum break load: 20kN
Fastening hooks e.g. Scaffold hook, net claw