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One of the most common causes of fatalities and injuries in the workplace is falling from height.  

Within the oil and gas industries these risks become even more prevalent due to the working conditions.

Scaffolding as a means of height safety has been a problem due to the lengthy and potentially dangerous methods of assembly and dismantling. Due to the nature of mining, this could present problems for companies in ensuring their employees’ safety is not compromised.  safety and debris net overlay

Did you know that more and more companies around the world are investing in fall arrest safety nets and walk on platform nets for working at heights. 

Fall arrest safety nets minimize the safety risks and installation time as well as the impact on the surrounding area.  Safety nets are able to be installed in areas that are hard to reach as often which is the case with mining offshore, a high point on an offshore platform.

What we can do for you 
 is manufacture the right safety net made to your specifications, supply fittings and attachments and to complete the package we can train and supervise your staff to install with minimal impact at ground level.  By training your staff you will always have on hand, net installers.  Therefore, whenever the nets have to be removed or adjusted you will have a qualified net rigger on hand.

Mining conveyor netConveyor Safety Net for mining site