Specifications – Light Weight Wire Rope Ladder

Lightweight, strong and compact, flexible rope ladders are designed to be strong enough to support fully kitted personnel.  These can also be made in Stainless Steel for marine environments.

 Wire Rope :    3.5mm Diameter – 6 x 19 FC
Breaking Strength  – 0.5 tonne
 Rungs: 12mm Diameter x 150mm wide
 Rung Spacing : 305mm
 Load required to force run down wires : Approx.  500 kg
 “C” clip begins to open at: Approx.  400 kg
 “C” clip fails completely at: Approx.  650 kg
 Breaking load of wire rope each side: 500 kg (minimum)
 Swaged Splices : Wire rope will fail first