Pallet Rack Net

Cost effective – quality product – safety pallet netting  Green pallet safety net attached to bracket

Pallet Rack netting is used to guard a bay or an entire row within a warehouse environment to reduce the chances of items falling off the shelving and hitting workers.  Safety measures must be fulfilled in high bay systems to avoid the items being stored cannot fall out or in turn, injure any persons.

The pallet rack safety netting  is designed especially –
*   for storage areas and isle way area protection
*   guarding an entire row of pallet racks
*   a partial row or, just a bay or two
*   protecting shoppers, workers or order pickers in the aisles
*   nets weigh very little, are flexible, easy and lightweight in terms of installing
*   if necessary, nets can be easily dismantled
*   high tenacity polypropylene nets

Pallet safety netting is an in-expensive fast way to make your warehouse environmentally safe.  Safety Pallet Rack Netting

If you have shoppers, workers or order picking in the aisles, it’s only a matter of time until an accident occurs.  To ensure the goods are safely and securely stacked on the pallet racks, invest in safety pallet racking to ‘STOP THE DROP’.