System Safety Fan Netting

A Safety Net for Edge ProtectionRed Fan Net

Safety Net Fans perform several functions during the building process, not only forming an effective fall arrest system for the workforce, but also protecting pedestrians and workers from falling objects and debris.

These nets have been used extensively in Europe, USA and the UK very successfully and are only new to the Australian market.  This is a further step in providing a safe work environment not only for workers at height but the public at ground level.

Fan safety Net on building site

General Characteristics:
*   The safety net fans project 3.3m from a building
*   Tested to comply with EN.1263.1
*   Mesh density is 60mm x 60mm with a 20mm x 20mm debris net overlay
*   With the debris overlay the safety fan net can catch small particles of debris, protecting workers and pedestrians at ground level.


Fan Safety Net for catching debris and people

Safety Fan Net for Edge Protection