System U Safety Net

A Safety Net for Vertical Use  Vertical Safety Net

 General Characteristics:
The function of these nets is to prevent the fall of people or materials from an open edge:
*   edges of floors
*   roofs
*   stairs
*   excavations (vertical protection)
This system is useful for not only protecting workers on construction sites from falling over the edge but also keeps debris from falling onto people who may be walking pass, parked cars etc.  The net shown is the 100mm x 100mm x 5mm safety net with a debris net overlay sewn along the bottom edge.  These nets can be moved from floor to floor as work progresses.

Principal Components:
60mm Safety net edge protectionSafety Net
Mesh with dimensions 100m x 100mm and 60mm x 60mm
Manufactured in high tenacity polypropylene
Density: 0.91
The green 60mm x 60mm x 5mm was manufactured for one of our clients to ensure that workers were protected from falling at height around open doorways.

Straps / Attachments-
The function of the straps are to quickly fix the net to the balustrade or guardrails if required.