Ute, Truck, Trailer Cargo Nets

Cargo Safety Net
If you’re looking to tie down a load and keep it down let us design  the net to suit your Ute, truck or trailer.  Made out of UV treated polyethylene mesh with an 8mm perimeter rope edge stitching and tie down ropes for attachment purposes.

Fall arrest safety nets manufacture various types of cargo nets to suit all applications.  We have standard size Ute cargo nets but can also custom make a cargo net to suit your ute…..

Safety Cargo Net for Utes

Cargo Ute Net

Ute Cargo Nets provide worry-free hauling of all cargo for consumer, commercial and public sector applications.  They are designed to handle all shapes and sizes of loads to eliminate cargo loss and reduce liability issues from spilled cargo.

More and more states are enforcing laws requiring cargo restraint devices for loose and bulk loads in open-bed vehicles. Our cargo nets provide owners of such vehicles assurance that compliance with the law has been achieved.