Working at Height

Managing the risk of falls  working at height

Fall Arrest Systems are designed to assist companies manage any risks that arise when working at heights. A risk assessment of the work site area is a priority as this assessment will outline areas where risks of falling is likely to cause injury and therefore will need to be managed accordingly. Companies must provide adequate protection that minimizes the risk of falls.

Walk on Platform NetIt is good practice to work through the hierarchy of control outlined in s.79(3) of the WHS Regulation when assessing work sites.  Each hazard assessed that is deemed to result in injury or death will require control measures to be implemented.


Codes of practice for the construction industry
There are two codes of practice which are provided as a guidance for managing the risk of a fall in the construction industry:
1. Managing Risk in Construction Work
2. Preventing Falls in Housing Construction

Safe Work Australian Council has approved these codes.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
Any work that involves a person falling more than 2 meters is deemed to be “high risk” and requires a Safe Work Method Statement to be completed before work is commenced. The Safe Work Method Statement defines the risk associated with the job and then outlines the measures that are to be put in place to ensure safety.